The Globalised World Post is open to anyone who would like to share their political views with the rest of the world in the form of a published article or research paper. In that sense “The GW Post” is an active and interactive forum which seeks originality and the lively contribution in various debates of international politics and beyond. “The GW Post” does not have a certain political label. Anyone can share their thoughts no matter what background they come from and no matter what they support. We are open to all ideas, theoretical approaches and ideologies. Our primary goal is to promote articles related to international relations, political science and social sciences more generally. However we particularly encourage those with unconventional thinking and fresh ideas.

Editors: click here

Columnists: click here

How to become a columnist: 

As we are aiming at publishing on a weekly basis, “The GW Post” is in need for writers willing to contribute regularly and voluntarily. There are no specific criteria for a columnist as long as they are willing to write on a regular basis and voluntarily. One can become a columnist after submitting three articles to the magazine. A columnist would submit an article at least once a month. We accept quests for granting the status of the columnist or we may contact an outstanding contributor and ask him/her to become one. Becoming one of us means, that we will put your bio and picture up on the “About Us/Contributors” section and a separate page will be created including your bio and published articles.


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