Commissioning Editors: If you are a final year undergraduate student or a Master’s student then this is a great opportunity to gain working experience. You will have great command of the English language, interest in political science and international affairs, and good communication skills. If you are interested send us a short cover letter outlining the reasons you would like to join us, a short bio, and a writing sample. For further information send us an email at:

Columnists: We are looking for new or experienced writers willing to contribute on a regular basis to the magazine. There are no specific criteria for a columnist as long as they are willing to write on a regular basis and voluntarily. One can become a columnist after submitting three articles to the magazine. A columnist would submit an article at least once a month. Due to the nature of the magazine, this position is unpaid but becoming one of us means, that we will put your bio and picture up on the “About Us/Contributors” section and a separate page will be created including your bio and published articles. For further information please send an email to 

Proofreader: Due to the high amount of non-native speaker contributors, we are looking for a proofreader who will look over the articles before they are published. The proofreader needs to be a native speaker or have a high level of English language skill and preferably be at least a second year undergraduate student in the field of social sciences. Those interested send an email to underlining the reasons you fit these criteria and why you are interested in working with us. Due to the nature of the magazine this position is unpaid.


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