Regular Contributors

As we are aiming at publishing on a weekly basis, “The GW Post” is in need for writers willing to contribute regularly and voluntarily. A regular contributor would submit an article at least twice a month. We accept quests for granting the status of the regular contributor or we may contact an outstanding contributor and ask him/her to become a regular. Becoming one of us means, that we will put your bio and picture up on the “About Us/Contributors” section.


How to Contribute – Editorial Policy

“The GW Post” makes four kinds of posts: Op-Eds, Articles, Research Papers and Book Reviews.

Op-Eds: Relatively short pieces of up to 1500 words.

Articles and Book Reviews: Up to 3000 words. The articles are more in the form of a report or a comprehensive summary of an interesting idea or a new development.

Research Papers: Should be up to 6500 and they should be at the standards of academic papers. The research papers usually address complex issues with in-depth analysis and proper referencing.

Exceptions regarding the length of the articles or papers can be made after discussion with the editorial team. It should be noted that we maintain the right of not publishing an article which is either inappropriate or of a low standard. We will check submissions for both quality and style. Any racist, sexist or other inappropriate language or remarks will not be accepted. Already published articles in other websites or papers will not be accepted and will not be considered for publication.

However in this case we may give feedback or any other kind of help in order for a submission to be improved. Support to those whose first language is not English may also be given. Should any minor changes occur from our behalf, we will consult with you before publishing the article. However, the editors of “The GW Post” have the final word on publication.

Please refer to our “Formatting Guidelines” below before submitting an article


Please send your submission as a Microsoft word, open office or notebook document to . One of our editors will contact you as soon as possible.

Once an article is submitted it will go onto our front page and will stay in the site’s archive as the site is updated.


In order to avoid plagiarism, citation of any authors or writers is essential if their ideas are being used. The Chicago Style is preferred; you can find the guide here.

Hyperlink any statement that needs to be linked with an online source.


Please submit articles and papers written in Arial font, size 12.

Lines should be single-spaced.

Headings should be in Arial, size 14 with a line before the beginning of the text, aligned to the middle of the text. Subtitles should be in Arial, size 12, in bold and aligned to the left with a single line space before the subsequent paragraph.

Remember to use the TAB key from your keyboard to separate paragraphs from each other.

The text apart from the heading and the subtitle should be justified.


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