Research Papers

The Macedonian Naming Dispute: Historical Interpretations or an Identity Crisis? by Jason Iliou

Securitizing Migration: Aspects and Critiques by Andreas Themistocleous

The Ultimate Sacrifice: Analyzing Suicide Terrorism by Jason Iliou

The State as a Key Driver of Economic Globalization by Esther Tonnaer

The Image of the “Undesired Citizen” in Turkey: A Comparative Critical Discourse Analysis of Hurriyet and Zaman Newspapers by Begüm Burak

Public Protest as a Road to Democracy? by J. Paul Barker

Abortion and Women’s Rights in the USA by Marianna Karakoulaki

Liberal Peace and Peace-Building: Another Critique by Zenonas Tziarras

Explaining Chechnya’s ‘Black Widows’: An Organisational Analysis by Jeff Collins

The Austerity Measures in Greece and the Economic Crisis by Andreas Themistocleous

Themes of Global Security: From the Traditional to the Contemporary Security Agenda by Zenonas Tziarras


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