Domestic Politics

The “Cypriot Version” of the AKP Model. Neoliberalism and the Turkish Cypriot Community by Nikos Moudouros

2013 Upper House Election Result in Japan and Future of Article 9 by Yuki Yoshida

Bosnia and Herzegovina’s Political Economy and Possibilities for Reform by Dana Terry

Obituary: Italian Parliamentary Democracy by Sebastiano Sali

Afzal Guru’s Hanging in Perspective and the Kashmir Conflict by Haifa Peerzada

Russian Army 2013-2015 by Fuad T. Şahbazov

The Image of “Undesired Citizens” in Turkey: A Comparative Critical Discourse Analysis of Hurriyet and Zaman Newspapers by Begüm Burak

The 1960 Coup in Turkey: An Attempt to Analyze Politics from a Gramscian Perspective by Begum Burak

Todd Akin, Legitimate Rape and the Presidential Race by Marianna Karakoulaki

The Gulen Movement as the Door Opening to Global Tolerance  by Begum Burak

Abortion and Women’s Rights in the USA by Marianna Karakoulaki

A Critical Review of Turkish Society by Begum Burak

Turkey’s Journey to Democracy and Freedom by Begum Burak

The Impact of Domestic Politics on North Korea’s Nuclear Decisions by Hiroshi Nakatani

The Concept of Political Culture and the Turkish Case: Between “Hegemony” and “Ideological State Apparatuses” by Begum Burak

The Justice and Development Party as a Litmus Test for Turkish Democracy by Begum Burak

Ataturk: To Love Him, To Question Him And to Get Hurt by Begum Burak

U.S. Presidential Elections: Profiling the Next Republican Candidate Part 3 by Marianna Karakoulaki

The Anatomy of Militarism and an Overview of Civil-Military Relations by Begum Burak

U.S Presidential Elections: Profiling the Next Republican Candidate Part 2 by Marianna Karakoulaki

The Impact of Political Culture on Policy-Making Processes: The Turkish Case  by Begum Burak

U.S. Presidential Elections 2012: Profiling the Next Republican Candidate, Part 1 by Marianna Karakoulaki


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