The “Cypriot Version” of the AKP Model. Neoliberalism and the Turkish Cypriot Community by Nikos Moudouros

Withdrawal from Afghanistan or “Georgian Dream”? by Fuad Shahbazov

The Macedonian Naming Dispute: Historical Interpretations or an Identity Crisis? by Jason Iliou

Q & A with Marios Efthymiopoulos: US Foreign Policy, Middle East, Eastern Mediterranean, and North Korea by Zenonas Tziarras

Bosnia and Herzegovina’s Political Economy and Possibilities for Reform by Dana Terry

Obituary: Italian Parliamentary Democracy by Sebastiano Sali

Something is Happening in the MidEast and the EastMed by Zenonas Tziarras

Gay Marriage and HIV Increase? by Javier Betancourt

“Caucasus-2012” and Russia – A new Scenario? by Fuad T. Shahbazov

Europe’s Energy Future: On the Precipice of Long Term Dependency? by Steven Craig

The Greek Reality and Hopes for a Better Future by Jason Iliou

Explaining Chechnya’s ‘Black Widows’: An Organisational Analysis by Jeff Collins

The Concept of Political Culture and the Turkish Case: Between “Hegemony” and “Ideological State Apparatuses” by Begum Burak

The Austerity Measures in Greece and the Economic Crisis by Andreas Themistocleous

Croatia’s EU Accession: Why Is Everyone So Happy About It? by Zenonas Tziarras

What Really Interest You: Turkish Democracy or the Arrests? by Begum Burak

The Justice and Development Party as a Litmus Test for Turkish Democracy by Begum Burak

Turkey: Zero Chances for “Zero Problems”  by Zenonas Tziarras


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