Obituary: Italian Parliamentary Democracy by Sebastiano Sali

Habemus Papam (Gaudium Magnum?) by Sebastiano Sali

Gay Marriage and HIV Increase? by Javier Betancourt

The Image of “Undesired Citizens” in Turkey: A Comparative Critical Discourse Analysis of Hurriyet and Zaman Newspapers by Begüm Burak

Public Protest as a Road to Democracy? by J. Paul Barker

The Curse and Misconceptions of Democracy by Javier Betancourt

An act of provocation? The “Innocence of Muslims” Film, and Its Political Consequences                                                              by Javier Betancourt & Marianna Karakoulaki

“Battle For Syria: View from the Frontline” – An Alternative Perspective by Zenonas Tziarras

Media Freedom in Tunisia 

Todd Akin, Legitimate Rape and the Presidential Race by Marianna Karakoulaki

The Emotional Aspects Faced by Different Stakeholders in Mass Fatality Incidents: The Case of Terrorist Acts by Javier Betancourt

The Gulen Movement as the Door Opening to Global Tolerance  by Begum Burak

Abortion and Women’s Rights in the USA by Marianna Karakoulaki

A Critical Review of Turkish Society by Begum Burak

The Greek Reality and Hopes for a Better Future by Jason Iliou

Turkey’s Journey to Democracy and Freedom by Begum Burak

The Concept of Political Culture and the Turkish Case: Between “Hegemony” and “Ideological State Apparatuses” by Begum Burak

Labeling Human Rights by Marianna Karakoulaki

What Really Interest You: Turkish Democracy or the Arrests? by Begum Burak

Islam and Liberty: What It Really Is and What It Seems or How It Is Shown by Begum Burak

New Perspectives on the Sociology of the Arab Spring – mark II by Zenonas Tziarras

The Role of the Media in Combating Global Hunger by Begum Burak

Ideologies: For Whom and What? by Begum Burak

The Sociology of the Arab Spring: A Revolt or a Revolution? by Zenonas Tziarras

The Impact of Political Culture on Policy-Making Processes: The Turkish Case  by Begum Burak


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