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Securitizing Migration: Aspects and Critiques

Andreas Themistocleous, Securitizing Migration: Aspects and Critiques| Research Paper May 2013 | The GW Post

This paper examines the phenomenon of migration and attempts to answer the question of whether migration is a securitization product, and to what extent does the securitization process cause political and / or ethical implications.

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The Hegemony of Money

Zenonas Tziarras | The Hegemony of Money | The GW Post

A developing world which has only seen misery under the hands of its self-proclaimed saviors, with policies that have not, in 50 years, brought about development. Not only that, but the implementation of these policies have hampered and crushed development in the West as well. Continue reading

Framing Environmental Degradation as a Security Issue: A Theoretical Inquiry

Ioana Cerasella Chis | Framing Environmental Degradation as a Security Issue: A Theoretical Inquiry | The GW Post

Whilst it is acknowledged that there is a lot of debate within security studies, as to its conceptualization of events, it is argued here that the whole paradigm of securitization is fundamentally misconceived. This argument is made in relation to securitization debates and practices concerning environmental degradation. Continue reading

Turkey’s Imbalances and Identity Crisis

It was June, 2013. I arrived in Ankara, Turkey, right on time to witness the development of the protests that began at Istanbul’s Gezi Park and spread throughout the country’s urban centers, as well as to experience and participate in the social and political discussion that was taking place at that time. The purpose of my visit included the participation in a conference on Turkish foreign policy and some field research. That gave me the opportunity to speak and exchange views with students of International Relations, academics, experts, and diplomats. Continue reading