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LOC Ceasefire Violations: A Conundrum of Perception and Reality

Haifa Peerzada | LOC Ceasefire Violations: A Conundrum of Perception and Reality | The GW Post

Reality now is that LOC ceasefire violations have continued unabated since the beginning of 2013 and the negativity that resonates from it is that both India and Pakistan blame each other for ceasefire violations underscored by distrust, lack of empathy for each other, and threat and fear of the conflict escalating to an all-out conventional war or even nuclear war. All this finds expression in the negative attitudes and behaviors of India and Pakistan towards each other, which has over a period of time culminated into a negative perception which does not allow de-escalation of the conflict between the two. Continue reading

Reorganization of the State of Jammu and Kashmir

Haifa Peerzada | Reorganization of the State of Jammu and Kashmir | The GW Post

The history of Reorganization of the Indian states clearly shows that the Reorganization of the state of Jammu and Kashmir is difficult due to the internal and external exigencies in J&K, which makes it a special case, prevents its reorganization, and history – both recent and past bear testimony to that. Nevertheless its special status under Article 370 of the Constitution of India for its integration into the Indian Union has made things even more complicated. While there is difference in perceptions as far as special status of J&K is concerned, there is national consensus for its fullest integration into the Indian Union. Continue reading

Fixing Egypt’s Democracy

Magdy Aziz Tobia | Fixing Egypt’s Democracy | The GW Post

Could gender, race or age reflect that identity that needs to be mirrored in the constitution? Is institutional affiliation a more reliable parameter for the choice of the constituent assembly? Continue reading

The “Cypriot Version” of the AKP Model. Neoliberalism and the Turkish Cypriot Community

Nikos Moudouros | The “Cypriot Version” of the AKP Model. Neoliberalism and the Turkish Cypriot Community | The GW Post

Cyprus and specifically the northern territories have been transformed to an “input field” of the Turkish-Islamic modernization. The ultimate goal is replacing the “old regime” of structures in the northern part of the island with a new order which will be represented by different political actors in another ideological framework. Therefore “craftsmanship” in Cyprus constitutes the “Cypriot dialect” of the ideological and political characteristics of the AKP. That is the marriage of Islamic religion with the neoliberal management. Continue reading