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Power Struggle over Ukraine: Systemic Observations

Zenonas Tziarras | Power Struggle over Ukraine | The GW Post
The Syrian civil war and now Ukraine. These are only two examples of crises over which the United States and Russia have bumped heads recently. Some might be tempted to call this a “new Cold War,” but it’s really not. What we have now is a primarily intra-systemic, capitalist, geo-economic competition fueled and exacerbated by identity politics, history and national security considerations. Continue reading

Securitizing Migration: Aspects and Critiques

Andreas Themistocleous, Securitizing Migration: Aspects and Critiques| Research Paper May 2013 | The GW Post

This paper examines the phenomenon of migration and attempts to answer the question of whether migration is a securitization product, and to what extent does the securitization process cause political and / or ethical implications.

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Iraq Could Threaten Obama’s Long Term Policies

Marianna Karakoulaki | Iraq Could Threaten Obama’s Long Term Policies | The GW Post

Domestic as well as geopolitical reasons can be identified for Obama’s reluctance to send ground troops in Iraq.Barack Obama would be naïve to risk all open issues in order to proceed to yet another intervention in Iraq. Continue reading

Fifteen Years after the Kargil War and the Kashmir Dispute

Haifa Peerzada | Fifteen Years after Kargil War and Kashmir Dispute | The GW Post

India and Pakistan should sincerely work towards the resolution of the Kashmir dispute by keeping their inflated egos in check and by detaching themselves from the political symbolism attached to Kashmir coupled with confidence building measures which would bridge the trust deficit between the two. Continue reading

Grassroots Level Democracy in Kashmir

Haifa Peerzada| Grassroots Level Democracy in Kashmir | The GW Post

As the elections are underway for a much awaited change of political leadership in the State of Jammu and Kashmir, some of the basic essentials of good governance have not been given much attention or they have been ignored. Continue reading